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Provenance: Archers Poultry
We believe that a slower grown, naturally maturing poultry develops a fuller and more succulent flavour.

Meet our Suppliers

Free-Range Chickens

Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo focus on high welfare; the birds live in small groups with shelter from the elements, in mobile houses that have no artificial lighting and are naturally ventilated. The chickens roam freely over 40 acres of Suffolk meadows, where they are free to peck, graze and engage in their natural behaviours.

We believe that a slower grown, naturally maturing chicken develops a fuller and more succulent flavour. They use a slower growing breed of chicken, reared on average for 10 weeks. This is 25% longer than standard free-range chickens and 70% longer than standard indoor chickens.

We believe that food tastes so much better when it has been grown slowly, the traditional way. It is because these chickens have more exercise, are grown for longer and have a natural, varied diet that they taste so much better.

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Barn Chickens

Diaper Poultry, Stowmarket, Suffolk

Diaper own three poultry farms within close proximity of the factory which reduces stress to the birds due to shorter journey times. Unlike some of the larger poultry companies rearing takes place in smaller buildings thus resulting in smaller flock sizes.

Birds are caught by their “in house” live bird handling team ensuring full control of welfare from farm to factory. The birds not only have far more space available to them than other more intensively reared birds but also enjoy enriched conditions such as perching and being able to rest during natural periods of darkness

Today consumers are becoming increasingly interested in knowing more about the provenance of their food. Often animal welfare is the key decision making tool but not everybody can afford to purchase Free Range or Organic Free Range produce. Diaper Poultry have recognised this gap in the market by offering the choice of high welfare barn reared birds as an alternative.

Free-Range Turkeys & Geese

Supplied by Great Grove

Arriving in May and June direct from the hatchery the turkeys are cared for by dedicated stockmen who take pride in their work. Once old enough they are left to wander in ancient woodland and basically as with the geese do as they please, not harassed and just living naturally. They have access to straw-bedded barns at night, but quite often choose to sleep outside depending on the weather.

Great Grove Free Range Turkeys are slow growing and are reared to full maturity which is 24-27 weeks old this gives them a layer of fat to aid with the cooking to make the meat nice and juicy.

Great Grove geese are reared and prepared in the old traditional way giving a very succulent texture to the meat and skin. Supplied with the goose fat which is ideal for making your roast potatoes and for your toast the next morning.