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Provenance: Archers Beef
We dry age all our steaks on the bone in our Himalayan salt aging fridge. The Himalayan salt helps to tenderise the steaks by taking excess moisture out of the atmosphere and enhancing the flavour concentration of the meat as it seeps into the muscle fibres. The flavour created by this aging technique is unsurpassed and is becoming popular with high end butchers

Meet our Suppliers

William Almey’s Beef

Himalayan Salt aged steaks

Our beef is supplied by P O Almey & sons of Tavistock Farm, Antingham near North Walsham. The Almey family have been farming cattle for generations and have a good stock of quality animals all year round.

The breeds of cattle we have are mostly Simmental and Limosin (continental breeds which are famed for their lean tender meat) crossed with native breeds such as Hereford, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus which are known for their marbled texture.

The Cattle are free to roam and graze in large fields at a ratio of at least one acre per animal. The fields that the cattle are fed on are full of natural grasses, wildflowers and shrubs. They also have their own access to a natural source of water that runs through the fields. Because the land is non arable the cattle help to fertilise the otherwise redundant land creating a perfect environment for wildlife and biodiversity which in turn has a much lower carbon footprint than intensively reared cattle.

Once the animals have reached maturity – usually 20-24 months – they are then kept on a higher calorie finishing ration using vegetables such as potatoes and beet.

Minimum 28 Days Dry Aged

Treat yourself to some William Almey beef from Archers

Why not treat yourself to some William Almey beef this weekend? Choose from our Sirloin, Rump or Flat Iron Steaks or add something special to your Sunday lunch with slow-roasted Jacob's Ladder Ribs.